21 December 2010

Xmas Training Updated Jan 3rd!!

As training hasnt been going according to plan the last few weeks due to the bad weather i have organised some extra training sessions over the xmas period.[If the weather clears like its supposed to of course]There may be some small changes over the next day or two as there may also be some Kerry squad sessions organised so keep an eye here and on the Kerry blog.

Tue 4th-Hillwork-Banna-1.30-3pm
Wed 5th-Track work-An Riocht-1.30-3.30pm
Thur 6th-Weights-Tralee Complex-2-3.30pm followed by 30mins relay training.
Fri 7th-Event specific-An Riocht-1.30-3pm
Training resumes as normal from Tue 11th in Ardfert Hall.

Sun 9th-Munster Junior/Senior Indoors[U17+]-Nenagh
Please find the entries for this competition and all future competitions in the new section to your left.All entries for competitions will be posted there with a final date as to when changes can be made to your events so please always check it in plenty of time before competitions.

Shane :)

13 December 2010

Munster Multi Events 12.12.2010

Nine shiny medals and more importantly an unbelievable amount of personal bests were brought home from nenagh last Sunday in our first competition of the 2010/2011 track season.Above are Clarence,PJ and Ben who took a clean sweep in the boys U18 event[I must say Bens high jump was very entertaining to say the least as at 6"5 most assumed hed give a good account of himself :P]

To add to Clarence's gold Iarla Courtney had our second gold in the U13 pentathlon winning the 60mH,HJ,LJ,shot putt and finished third in the 800m.Eoghan Courtney had silver on the day in the U16 event with Eoghan McElligott U12,Patrick Gilbert U15 and Jack Regan Kirwan U17 all having bronze medals in very high standard competitions.Newcomers Rachel Dennesen U16 and Edel Slattery acquited themselves very well with Rachel winning a bronze medal and Edel finishing in 5th place.Below are some more detailed results which i will update fully when full results are available online.Please note a PB[Personal best] is only listed if you have competed in the event at least once before.

Eogan_McElligott-2nd HJ,2nd 800m,3rd LJ,4th Shot.
Iarla_Courtney-1st 60mH,1st LJ,1st HJ in PB of 1.28,1st Shot in PB of 7.85,3rd 800m.
Patrick_Gilbert-3rd 60mH,3rd LJ PB 5.17m,3rd HJ PB,1st Shot,1st 800m.
Eogan_Courtney-2nd 60mH in PB of 9.2,2nd LJ,2nd HJ,2nd Shot in PB of 9.75m,2nd 800m.
Jack_Regan Kirwan-5th 60mH,3rd Shot,3rd HJ,4th LJ in PB of 5.56m,3rd 800m.
Clarence_Kennedy-1st 60mH,1st Shot in PB 11.63m with 6kg,1st LJ,2nd HJ,3rd 800m.
PJ_Galvin-1st HJ in PB of 1.88m,2nd LJ,3rd Shot,3rd 60mH,2nd 800m.
Ben_Dennessen-2nd 60mH in PB,2nd Shot,3rd LJ,3rd HJ,1st 800m.
Edel_Slattery-5th 60mH,4th HJ,5th LJ,6th Shot,4th 800m.
Rachel_Dennesen-3rd 60mH,3rd HJ,3rd LJ,3rd Shot,3rd 800m.

There were also some Open senior events for athletes looking for an early season run.Ailbhe got her season off to a good start with PBs in winning both the 60m and 200m in 8.2 and 26.9;most impressive was her obvious strength in the second half of the 200m.Luke O Keeffe also showed his strength when chasing down Dylan Roche in the home straight of the 200m to take victory in a new PB of 23.9 after his earlier PB of 7.47 in the 60m to place second to Dylan in a PB of 7.45.David Hogan finished third in the senior 800m just outside his indoor best in 2.12 but more importantly looked technically very good which in previous seasons has been his poor point.Katie Rogers recorded a new indoor best of 2.32 in a solo run over 800m but looked very strong all the way;a possible venture to the 1500m at some stage this season is inevitable.Elaine Courtney also joined us on the day and finished second to Ailbhe in both the 60m and 200m with a PB in the 60m of 8.3.As sometimes happens results dont tell the full story as Elaine was unfortunate to pick up a bad knock to her eye the day before in a basketball game impairing her vision slightly so hopefully next time out when shes 100% fit she will knock a bit off that time.To add to her misfortune in the 200m after she got a fantastic start and was up on Ailbhe at the half way point a child stepped out on to the track so she had to swirve to avoid her slowing her down and obviously losing rythem,speed and alot of time.She will make up for it next time!

So overall nine Munster medals and a grand total of 17 Personal bests from 16 athletes isnt a bad days work and a good indicator for the season ahead.
The next competition will be the Munster Juniors on January 9th,please check http://www.munsterathletics.com/ for program for the day and check the fixture list to your left for most other competition dates.

Good Luck to Darragh Lowth who is competing in the AAI U11 cross country in Tullamore this Sunday.

Shane :)

17 November 2010

Kerry Indoors-Nenagh Dec 5th

Nenagh Indoor Track-11am Sharp start time-Cost-e5
Bus time to be finalised-Approx 8-8.30am

U9-60m,300m,4x100m Relay
U10-60m,500m,LJ,4x100m Relay
U12-60m,600m,LJ,HJ,Shot,4x100m Relay
U13 600m,4x100m Relay[These U13 events aren’t available U14]
U14-60m,800m,1km walk,LJ,HJ,Shot,4x200m Relay
U16-60m,800m,LJ,HJ,Shot,4x200m Relay
60m Hurdles U13/U14/U15/U16/U17/U18/Jun/Open
Open-60m,200m,3/400m,800m,1500m,TJ,HJ,LJ,PV,Shot,1km walk,28/35/56lb WFD,4x200m Relay
2011 competition Age Groups
Open-1995 back

LJ-3 attempts,1 extra for top 6 athletes U10/U12/U14/U16
LJ/TJ-6 attempts max Open
U10 LJ from sand,U12+ from board.

Shot-3 attempts,1 extra for top 6 athletes U12/U14/U16
Shot/WFD-6 attempts max Open
Athletes will throw their 2011 weight shot &WFD

If heats are required in events, where possible, athletes will be divided in relation to their age group, i.e. U11s in one heat with U12s in another heat, with those who qualify out of each meeting in the final for the 60m only. All other events being decided on times. (Please note this may be unavoidable and age groups will be mixed in heats.)

Heats &Finals for 60m-No Semi Finals.
4 heats=2 to qualify
3 heats-3 to qualify
2 heats-4 to qualify
Lane Draws for 200/300/400s based on 2010 SB where possible.
Fastest-Lane 3
2nd Fastest-Lane 4
3rd Fastest-Lane 2
4th Fastest-Lane 1

Hurdles races may be mixed in age groups if numbers are low, but athletes will hurdle their 2011 height and distances regardless.eg.U17/U18/U20 girls or boys may compete in the same race but will all have their own heights and distances. This will be done to provide adequate competition and also to speed up the competition program.
Please note there will be a check in for all Open track events that will close 45mins beforehand.
Open track event races will be graded on 2010 personal bests where possible.
Please note a call room will be in operation for all 60m sprints.

U13+ must use starting blocks. Coaches will be available before the hurdles, sprints and relays to give a quick intro to athletes who do not know how to use them.
Coaches will be on hand to give a quick intro to the following events before they start for athletes who wish to try them.
U10 LJ
U12 HJ
U12 Shot
Open WFD

U16s may take part in Open 200m,1500m,Pole Vault, Men's Triple Jump and Walk.
Athletes may only compete in one of the two Open distance races-800 or 1500m.

If u12/u13/u14/u16 distance races have low numbers age groups will be combined to provide adequate competition and to also speed up the program.All Hurdles, Middle distance, 200s,3/400s and relays on times if heats, otherwise straight final.

RELAYS: Athletes may jump up one age group for relays ,
U9s may move to U10,
U10s may move up to U12
U12s may move up to U13 relay, but NOT to U14 relay.
U13s may move to U14s.
U14s may also move to U16
U16s may move up to Open

Athletes must wear club singlets & suitable footwear.
Only designated County &Club Officials allowed on the track-Strictly no parents!
Medals-U9-U16-Presented on Day-No Medals Open

Athletes are advised to dress warm as even though it is indoors it can be quite cold especially in December.My tip is fill a hot water bottle and put in a towel in your bag along with some spare clothes.Change into warm clothes during the day when necessary.
Please bring a packed lunch for the day also.

Shane :)

13 November 2010

Indoor Season is Closing in on us.....Ahhhh Cant Wait!

Our indoor season starts a month earlier than normal this year with the Kerry Indoors on December 5th in Nenagh.While not a championships it will act as a great indicator as to how everyone's training has gone or not gone and show who is on course for a great 2011 track season.

A legend retires => Haile Gebreselaisse=>

Todays training session in castleisland saw the end of one of our hardest session for the foreseable future with practically everybody putting in an excellent effort with Mikey G showing that effort in more ways than one :P.We were missing a few people through illness again so everyone is reminded to wrap up well this time of year,eat and sleep well,keep your immune system bolstered and keep well away from sick friends and family members :P

Luke O Keeffe has been especially impressive as of late with Ailbhe Courtney,Una Marley,PJ Galvin and Elaine Courtney visibly improving every week.Dylan Roche still looks on course to run some new PBs this season even though he is carrying a little bit of a niggle at the moment.Ben Dennessen's undoubted talent stands out a mile when it appears but at the moment he is still only learning the ropes and only show's it in flashes of brilliance which are just too inconsistant!
   Eoghan Courtney has been getting better of late with his training attendance and it is definetly having a huge impact.While hes still getting used to the increase in training loads some of his runs are absolutely mind boggling :O With runs of 16.8 over 150m in the middle of a pyramid session to put him second fastest over that distance in training this year he is justifing his two international selections in 2010 even if only in club training.Watch this space as i have a feeling if he keeps going the way he is he could cause a few suprises this season!

On the injury front both Edward and Danny are making progress on their return with Edward making huge strides under the guidance of physical therapist and international distance runner Niamh O Sullivan.I would like to thank Edward and Danny for giving me a hand with the coaching of new athletes today and also to Amy for last week.

There were also Kerry Distance squads today under the guidance of Freda Davoren and Frank Conway with Stephen,Katie and David all taking part in a hard interval session with all three to the fore showing the huge improvements they have already made.As you know i have no problem singling people out for praise or criticisim but i must say that Rogers was running phenomenally today and is really showing everybody else in the club how to do it balancing her leaving cert and training to near perfection;keep it up and the rest of ye who are not being organised and sensible take heath!

So training for the next few weeks while still being tough will be a little bit more quality orientated which will entail a little bit more speed than we have been doing up until now.So everybody keep those training streaks going[training sessions done without missing any] and keep up the hard work.There will also be some fitness testing with Ciaran McCabe in Tralee IT over the next week or two so eveybody will be informed by text when their test is on.
   Everyone is reminded to check the kerryathletics blogs regularly for updates on your individual events and if you havent yet added yourself as a follower to both blogs please do so asap!Also if anybody has any athletics pictures please email them to me.

Shane :)


29 October 2010

Nenagh Camp 2010

We made our annual October midterm trip to Nenagh last Wednesday for our training camp and trial day which threw up some suprising results with everybody who attended having fantastic fun!We covered nearly every event on the day with the experienced athletes concentrating on their main events and the new athletes trying out all events to see what they are good at.
   The standout athlete on the day had to be Dylan Roche in the 60m and 200m trials who will surely rewrite his PB's in these events by a huge margin in the indoor season ahead.Dylan recorded 7.04 and 7.08 hand times in his two 60m runs with both myself and Danny getting the same times to indicate accuracy;surely an electronic 7.2-7.3 will be achieved!In the 200m Dylan ran a strong 23.6 which is a decent time around the tight bends of Nenagh track.
   Other experienced athletes to standout included Pa Gilberts first time clearance at 2.80m in the pole vault with a very good technique,Una Marleys 2.51m jump in the pole vault and Michael Grimes 11m+ triple jump.Elaine Courtney also joined us on the day and had scorching 60m sprint and was the only girl to make the 'A' sprint final.

   The new athletes were not be be outdone either;Naomi O Brien showed her talent when she was 3 stride hurdling within minutes,cleared 1.80m in the pole vault and also showed promise in the 60m,high jump and long jump.Rachel Dennessen also cleared 1.80m in the pole vault and was able to 3 stride hurdle.David Breen tried every event but excelled the most in the 800m while also having good performances in the pole vault and sprints.Peter O Brien showed everybody not to judge a book by its cover when he showed everybody that hes not just a tank of a thrower;Peter made the 60m 'A' final,was able to 3 stride hurdle and had a good go at the high jump aswel even if one or two jumps were a bit unorthidox.Joe O Connell also took a shine to hurdling 3 striding with ease.
   Other athletes who took part and showed that they are moving in the right direction in their events included PJ Galvin,Shane and Darragh Lowth,Katie O Riordan,Eoghan O Sullivan,Katie Rogers,David Hogan,Hannah Roche,Jack Regan Kirwan,Darragh Courtney and Dylan Carey.Danny was also with us on the day but as he has only started jogging after his injury only took part in the shot putt and the rumours are that he hit the back wall with the shot!! :P
   Get well soon to Ailbhe,Luke O Keeffe,Ben and Jack who were sick and couldnt make it on the day and to Edward who is currently injured but getting closer to his comeback to try and chase down Roche :)

See everybody at training Sat and Sun,
Shane :)

18 October 2010

So our first training segment is done and dusted!

Our first six week period of training is now over and so far all is good overall.Everybody seems to have adapted to the inrease in training loads easily enough with Rogers,Roche and No 2[Ailbhe] being particularly impressive!
From tommorow Tuesday coach Artur Novak will take over the circuit training from me in Ardfert hall so everybody keep up the good work as i will pop in occasionally to check up on ye :P .This Saturday sees us move from Banna to the track in Castleisland from 1-2.30pm.Sandylane was kind to us this year weatherwise but we will be back there again for 3 weeks hopefully in February/March.So everybody is asked to please be there and on time Saturday as it will be our orientation day for period two of training for the next 9 weeks.Make sure you have EVERYTHING you need!

Our Nenagh camp will be a one day event this year due to the Kerry squads having double sessions over the next 2 weeks.It will be Wednesday the 27th October leaving Ardfert medical centre at 9am and returning home approx 8-9pm.The cost is yet to be finalised but should be approx e20 for bus and track.All athletes are asked to attend as it will be a great indicator of where everybody is at in their events and also gives the chance for new athletes especially to try new events.

Check www.kerryathletics.blogspot.com tommorow evening for upto date days and times for Kerry squads over the next few weekends.Please add yourself as a follower to both blogs,check regularly,comment and ask questions,vote on the polls etc.

At the second day of the Kerry XC in Beaufort Darragh Lowth had an impressive run when demolishing the field to win the U11 event.Katie Rogers had another fine run when she finished 2nd in the U19 3000m.Others who competed and ran well included Ciara McCarthy girls U9 and Darragh Courtney boys U11.
At the first day of the Munster XC in Cork Caoimhe Casey and Darragh Courtney were our sole representatives.Both ran well but were outside the medal positions on this occasion.Well done to all.

Shane :)

06 October 2010

Kerry Squad Dates 2010

The following are some of the dates for Kerry squad training for the winter-

Oct 9th-
Hammer-11-2.30pm-Brian & Rachel Akers
Shot/Disc & Jav-1-4pm-Jerry Horgan/Alan & Patsy O Connor

Oct 10th-
High Jump-11-2pm-Rosie Daniels
Pole Vault & Hurdles-12-3pm-Eamon Flanagan/Denis Finnegan
Middle Distance-Stay after Kerry XC in Beaufort to approx 2.30pm

Oct 16th-
Long Jump/Triple Jump-11-2pm-Niall Counihan/Shane Delaney

Oct 17th-
Sprints-12-2.30pm-John Carew/Shane Delaney

Oct 23rd-
Hammer-11-2.30pm-Brian & Rachel Akers
Shot/Disc & Jav-1-4pm-Jerry Horgan/Alan & Patsy O Connor/Dave Courtney
Pole Vault-12-3pm-Eamon Flanagan

Oct 24th-
High Jump-Chris O Regan-11-2pm
Middle Distance-11-2pm-Freda Davoren/Arthur Fitzgearld/Denny McSweeney/Niamh O Sullivan/Anna Meria Costello/Connie Lynch
Hurdles-12-3pm-Denis Finnegan/Shane Delaney

Oct 30th-
Long Jump/Triple Jump-11-2pm-Denis Finnegan/Shane Delaney

Oct 31st-
Sprints-12-2.30pm-John Carew/Colm Lynch
Middle Distance-Stay after Kerry XC in Currow to approx 2.30pm

03 October 2010

Cross country season is here

The demense in Killarney was the venue today Sunday October 3rd with good conditions underfoot.We didnt have too many athletes competing this year like last year so it doesnt look like we will be defending our cross country title :(  The decision was made not to push cross country this season due to the ridiculous increase in cross country distances so we will concentrate even more on the track.
   Even so our fist athlete up on the day was Darragh Courtney who finished 3rd in the boys U10 with only 2 weeks training.Darragh Lowth was next up and his fitness was never in doubt when he finished 3rd in the boys u12 race competing a year out of age and up against last years national U12 silver medalist and national community games u12 600m champion Adam O Donoghue from An Riocht.We had two boys in the U18 5km with David Hogan taking silver and Dylan Carey taking bronze even though but ran well below par.Last but not least Katie Rogers put in a storming display to take 2nd in the Novice women running well above expectation and finishing very strongly showing all her recent hard work and balance of leaving cert study have paid off.Well done to all.

Club AGM

The 2010/2011 AGM was held in Kate Brownes last Friday night with a good attendance again this year.Reports on a succesful year were read and discussed and everyone was thanked for all their hard work with special mention to commitee members who were stepping down after their third year in their positions.The following were the elected commitee for the season ahead-

President-Patrick O Riordan
Chairperson-Mary Marley
Vice Chairperson-John Clifford
Juvenile Secretary-Orla Fitzgearld
Junior/Senior Secretary-Kerri Regan
Treasurer-Fergal Grimes
Assit Treasurer-Cathy O Brien
Registrar-Chris O Shea
Paper PRO-Josephine O Riordan
Web PRO-Shaz Malik
Child Protection Officers-Joanne McCarthy/Con Heffernan
Head Coach-Shane Delaney
Fundraising-Liam Marley
County Board Delegates-Liam Marley/Dave McElligott/Shane Delaney
Club Gear-Deirdre Courtney
Commitee-Josephine Cronin,Brendan Courtney,Artur Novak

27 September 2010

A Good start means the rest are already playing catch up!

As the title says we are off to a good start hopefully leaving our competitors already chasing! We are into the full flow of training now with most athletes training a minimum of 3 days a week with some already upto their full quota of 4/5 sessions depending on their events.

  On Tuesday nights we are in Ardfert hall from 7.45-9.15pm doing circuits,speed and agility which is attracting 2/3 new athletes every week so far.Coach Artur Novak is currently assisting me here but will take over fully in the next few weeks when everything has fully settled.Each week the session is getting slightly more difficult but at present everybody is managing it even if they are feeling it the next day!
Wednesday and Thursdays sees the experienced athletes do their own sessions outside of club time with a fartlek session during lunch at school on Wednesday and weights Thursday evenings at their local gyms.The distance runners switch weights on a Thursday for a steady run.
Sandylane,Banna is the venue for our toughest session on a Saturday from 1-2.30pm.Attendance at this session is suprisingly close to 100% even though it is the toughest session with some athletes running upto 5x400m hill repititions followed by lactic acid filled muscles hill sprints.
Sunday morning from 9.45-11.15am we have Tralee sports complex gym booked out and have our group weights session.This session really shows how quickly the athletes are coming on especially in terms of technique and body flexibility/mobility.For a bit of crack we always have a pull up competition after this session which is starting to get a bit competitive.The most improved this week i think was Katie O Riordan going from 3 to 6;i reckon shel be upto 15-20 by the end of the year!

Every weekend there is also some Kerry squads in Castleisland;it kicked off last weekend with high jump.pole vault,middle distance and all throws,next weekend sees long jump/triple jump Saturday and Sprints Sunday at times to be confirmed.I will post the full winter schedule tommorow.
So to repeat the first line a good start everybody,keep it up and we will stay ahead of the rest which will lead to a fantastic season again this year.

In previous years International selection would have gained top billing here but as we have spoiled ourselves this season ive relegated Eoghan Courtneys selection on the Irish schools multi events team to the bottom as it guarantees everybody will read to the end,ha ha.Eoghan finished 5th at the All Irelands last weekend in the junior category but when they discounted the high jump result as there is none in the international competition he finished 3rd easily making the team of four with Sam Healy Belgooly,Mark Rodgers St Peters and Owen Scully Carlow.Eoghan had PB's in the long jump with 5.50m and the 800m with 2.28 with good results in the 80m hurdles 12.2,200m 24.4 and average results of 1.45m high jump and 9.45 in the shot putt.Eoghan will
now travel to Glasgow on December 11th to compete against the English,Scottish and Welsh in Kelvin indoor track where he has had previous success.Well done Eoghan.

Important dates-
Fri Oct 1st-Club AGM-Kate Brownes-8pm
Sun Oct 3rd-Kerry Even Age & Novice XC-Killarney demense-12pm
Sun Oct 10th-Kerry Uneven Age & Inter XC-Beaufort-12pm
Tue Oct 26th/27th-October Camp-Nenagh-9am leaving time

22 September 2010

Kerry Squads

This season the Kerry county board will be running squad training sessions in Castleisland for each event.Some fantastic coaches from accross the country have been lined up with the hope of bringing the counties athletes to even higher levels than they have achieved already.St Brendan's AC has the most athletes on the squad who are all named below.If anybody hasnt gotten back to me about them let me know asap please.
The first sessions start this weekend September 25th/26th.
Middle Distance-Sat 25th-Main Banna Carpark-10.30-2.15pm-Steven Macklin/Liam Reale/Frank Conway/Arthur Fitzgearld/Anna Meria Costello/Niamh O Sullivan
Shot/Discus & Javelin-Sat 25th-An Riocht-10.45-2pm-Jerry Horgan/Patsy O Connor/Alan O Connor
High Jump-Sat 25th-An Riocht-10.45-2pm-Chris O Regan/Rosie Daniels
Pole Vault-Sat 25th-An Riocht-11.45-3pm-Eamon Flanagan
Hammer-Sun 26th-An Riocht-10.45-2pm-Brian & Rachel Akers/Jerry Horgan
Hurdles-Sun 26th-An Riocht-11.45-3pm-Denis Finnegan/Shane Delaney

Iarla Courtney-Hurdles & Long Jump
Orlaith Casey-Hurdles
Shane Lowth-Sprints
Colm A O Sullivan-Shot/Discus & Hammer
Pa Gilbert-Pole Vault,Triple Jump and Sprints
Quinn Newsome-Hurdles,Triple Jump & Sprints
Katie O Riordan-Pole Vault
Peter O Brien-Shot/Discus & Hammer
Eoghan Courtney-Hurdles & Sprints
Michael Grimes-Triple Jump & Pole Vault
Jack Regan Kirwan-Hurdles & Triple Jump
Dylan Carey-Middle Distance
Danny O Shea-Sprints & Hurdles
Erik Feitshans-Javelin
Stephen O Sullivan-Sprints
Una Marley-Pole Vault & Hurdles
Amy Phelan-Pole Vault & Triple Jump
Edward O Carroll-Sprints
Ben Dennessen-Sprints & Hurdles
Luke Griffin-Sprints
Eoghan O Sullivan-Pole Vault
David Hogan-Middle Distance & Pole Vault
Clarence Kenneddy-Decathlon
Stewart Nolan-Hurdles
Dylan Roche-Sprints
Adrian Buckley-Middle Distance
Stephen Walsh-Middle Distance
Katie Rogers-Middle Distance
Ailbhe Courtney-Sprints & Hurdles
Emma Leen-Shot

Important Dates-
Oct 1st-St Brendan's AC AGM-Kate Brownes-8pm
Oct 3rd-Kerry Even Age & Novice XC-Killarney Demense[playground]-12pm
Oct 11th-Kerry Uneven Age & Intermediate XC-Currow[Dennehys]-12pm
Oct 31st-Kerry Juvenile Relays & Jun/Sen XC-Beaufort-12pm
Oct 26th/27th-Nenagh Camp
Dec 5th-Kerry Indoors-Nenagh[Provisional]

16 September 2010

And we are Off!

So winter training is up and going again;finally says ye. :P Most athletes are back into the swing of things but unfortunatly as always have lost a few which is very dissapointing and sad but as always a reality.But we already have 2/3 new athletes which is always good.Part of the reason we seem to progress every year is that when we lose 2/3 for whatever reason,exams,other sports etc;they are always replaced with 4/5 new athletes so alls good!
  Sandylane was the venue for our first session back last Saturday.While it was just a taster for next week some still found the gradual easing in session tough but all got through it unscathed in our lovely tropical weather of sunshine mixed with showers.
   Tralee Sports complex saw 16 early risers at 9.45am on Sunday morning for weights.Again this session was just to ease everybody back in with all athletes doing mainly squat and powerclean technique work.Thee few experienced athletes or athletes with good squat technique did a max sqaut test to help calculate their precentage weights for the months ahead.Needless to say i suprised myself maxing out a 135kg full squat which wasnt bad for my old age. :) The distance group have a seperate session on a Sunday from 1-2.30pm in Ballyseedy woods south entrance.While we were missing a few those who attended cruised around their LSR of 35 minutes looking very comfortable for this time of year;the cross country wont be a bother to them this year.
  Our circuit session took place in Ardfert hall on Tuesday from 7.45-9.15 but this isnt the finalised time and venue for this session.Again we had a good number for our first night with 20 athletes which were broken into two groups.Once again we just had an easy session for the first week but it looks like this is going to be a very intense and far more beneficial session than other years due to some new ideas i picked up while in Loughborough University last month.
  Wednesday and Thursday sees the older athletes do their own sessions at lunch at school and after school.Reports suggest most athletes did their fartlek session on Wednesday lunch at school with one Luke Griffin nearly missing biology class afterwards due to his inability to stand due to lactic acid after the session! :)
  On a competitive note Eoghan Courtney travelled to Waterford on Tuesday for the schools multi events.Eoghan is in the junior category and finished in a very close 2nd place only 27pts behind the winner Dan Finnerty of Nenagh with both over 3000pts;these scores would have got both athletes on last years irish schools team so it looks promising for both athletes at next Saturday September 25ths All Ireland schools combined events in Santry,Dublin.Eoghan had PBs in the 200m with 23.89,80m hurdles 11.89,Long Jump 5.46 and shot putt 9.65m.He also had a good performance in the high jump with 1.50m but by all accounts ran a very soft 800m which will needed to be improved upon dramatically if is to have a chance next week.Well done Eoghan.
   So a reminder,training again this Saturday from 1-2.30pm in Sandylane,banna for all u13+ athletes.Everyone is reminded to read below everything that is needed.
See you all then,

08 September 2010

Here we go again!

Well here we go again,winter training starts this Saturday for the u13+ group at 1-2.30pm in Sandylane,Banna with weights on Sunday morning from 9.45-11am in Tralee sports complex for all u17+ athletes.The distance groups long run also takes place on Sundays in Ballyseedy woods castlemaine road entrance from 1-2.30pm.All info re further training and fees will be given out Saturday along with information re the club October camp in Nenagh and Warm weather training in Portugal for the easter time;yes we are alot more organised this year!
   For all those who attended the fitness test last weekend the results and analysis have been done and to say they were average is being very nice.No athlete scored excellent,one athlete namely Luke O Keeffe achieved an above average result based on Brian McKenzies online fitness tables with the bulk of the group achieving an average standard.Everyone will have 6 weeks before the next test to improve hugely on this.
   Thats it for today,see you ALL Saturday :)

03 September 2010

Fitness Test Time

Just a reminder to everyone that the start of season fitness test will go ahead at Riocht tommorow Saturday 4th at 12 noon and will finish approx 2-2.30pm for all U14+ athletes.Everyone is reminded to contact their chosen athletes who did not make the meeting last week to inform them if you have not been organised enough to have done so already.All athletes should attend for their own benefit so they can see their rate of improvement through the winter when these tests are repeated.
   The Distance runners 800m upwards will have their first long run on Sunday in Ballyseedy woods Tralee at 1pm.All training venues,days and times etc will be announced tommorow at the fitness test and posted here afterwards.
By the way my phone is still broke but hope to have another one later today incase anybody is trying to contact me.

30 August 2010

Winter Training is upon us!

Well its that time of year again when we get up off our lazy backsides and start back training for the long,hard season ahead.The finishing touch's are being put to everyones training programs and all training venues etc will be finalised in the next day or two.We will be starting back next Tuesday September 6th with the group split in two this season with the U13-U16s and the U16s+ in a venue to be confirmed.There is also a start of year fitness test being organised so check back here tommorow for details.

   One of the most used words for the season ahead will be "organisation".Everyone needs to be organised for the start of winter training with the following items now being compulsory due to the inability of some people to be organised.
1.Training runners-All other footwear is banned from being worn to training and competitions.
2.Running tights-For all outdoor training.
3.Running top baselayer-Longsleeve for all outdoor training.
5.Light Hoody-For all outdoor training.
6.Rain Jacket-For all outdoor training.
7.Hat & Gloves-For all outdoor training.
9.Towel & Spare clothes.
10.Drink & Recovery food.

Athletes are also advised to go to the doctor and get a check up to make sure they are 100% before they start back.So get cracking boys and girls as if you dont have the above ten items you will not be allowed to train!

Quick 2009/2010 Review

Munster Juvenile Outdoor T+F Champs 2010
National Juvenile Outdoor T+F 2010 3rd
Kerry Juvenile T+F Champs 2010-4 in a row!
Kerry Senior Mens T+F Quill Cup Champs 2010-First time in clubs history :)
Kerry Juvenile Cross Country Champs 2009/2010
Kerry Sportshall Champs 2010
Tralee Harriers Open Sports Best Club 2010

4 Irish Internationals-PJ Galvin HJ,Clarence Kennedy TJ,Una Marley PV,Eoghan Courtney 80m Hurdles
18 National Outdoor Medals

The above really speaks for itself with many other fantastic achievements not listed.Its going to be tough to improve on the above so we will have to work even harder in the season ahead which is going to be a huge challenge.The question is can you rise to the challenge?I believe you can!

21 July 2010

New St Brendan's AC Blog

Welcome to the new St Brendan's AC blogspot for all the latest news and information of whats going on in the club.It will be updated regularly each week during the season.As the 2009-2010 season is nearly over there will be a full review of the year posted in segments during the month of August.So please visit regularly to keep up to date on the latest news and information.