03 September 2010

Fitness Test Time

Just a reminder to everyone that the start of season fitness test will go ahead at Riocht tommorow Saturday 4th at 12 noon and will finish approx 2-2.30pm for all U14+ athletes.Everyone is reminded to contact their chosen athletes who did not make the meeting last week to inform them if you have not been organised enough to have done so already.All athletes should attend for their own benefit so they can see their rate of improvement through the winter when these tests are repeated.
   The Distance runners 800m upwards will have their first long run on Sunday in Ballyseedy woods Tralee at 1pm.All training venues,days and times etc will be announced tommorow at the fitness test and posted here afterwards.
By the way my phone is still broke but hope to have another one later today incase anybody is trying to contact me.

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