28 October 2015

Club updates - October 2015

Saturday 3 October 2015
Galway Bay Marathon
Cathy Quilter - sub 4hrs & new PB.
Full results HERE.

Killarney Adventure Race 
Artur Nowak - 70K Expert category
Full results HERE.

Saturday, 10 October 2015
Parkrun Tralee no.37
Shannon Quill, Pat Sheehy, Yvonne Quill, Catherine Burke
Full results HERE.

Saturday, 17 October 2015
Parkrun Tralee no.38
Zach Walshe, Pat Sheehy, Yvonne Quill
Full results HERE.

Sunday, 18 October 2015
Churchill 10K
James Daley, Pat Sheehy, Tom Scanlon
Full results HERE.

Saturday, 24 October 2015
Puck Warriors Duathlon, Killorglin
Artur Nowak

Parkrun Tralee no.39
Zach Walshe, Pat Sheehy, Ruairi Walshe
Full results HERE

Monday, 26 October 2015
Dublin City Marathon 2015
AAI National Marathon Championships
Margaret Carlin - 4th in age category with time 3:30:31
James Daley - first marathon  3:41:23
Cathy Quilter - 3:57:58
David Butler - first marathon in 4:13:51
Pat Sheehy - 4:41:55

National Championships results:
Women HERE, Men HERE

24 October 2015

St.Brendan's AC AGM 2015

St.Brendan's AC Annual General Meeting will take place on Friday, 30 October 2015 at 8:00pm in Kate Brown's Pub, Ardfert.

22 October 2015

Updated training schedule

Tuesday, Ardfert Community Centre (indoor) 
U13 - U18 >> 18:45 - 19:45

Wednesday, Ardfert Community Centre (indoor) 
U9 - U10 >> 18:00 - 19:00
U11-U12 >> 19:00 - 20:00

Thursday, Ardfert Community Centre (indoor)
U13 - U18 >> 19:00 - 20:15

Sunday, An Riocht track, Castleisland
Kerry Athletics Development Squad >> 11:00 - 13:00

Monday, Tralee@19:30 (na Gael GAA Car park)
Running with Fit4Life leaders

Tuesday, Ardfert Community Centre
Strength & Conditioning (Circuit Training)>> 20:00 - 21:15

Thursday, Tralee@19:30 (Mounthawk)
Running with Fit4Life leaders

11 October 2015

Cross country 2015 - part 2

Second part of of Kerry Athletics Cross Country championships took place on Sunday, 11 October in Firies.

This weekend it was the turn of the uneven ages juveniles, Intermediate and Masters athletes. Unusually dry and warm weather conditions for this time of the year, brought a large crowd of runners from clubs around the county.

Day started with Intermediate and Masters Women's race with 4 laps of the course. In Masters O35 we had Ursula Barrett who got bronze medal after finishing 3rd in her age category with Yvonne Quill representing St.Brendan's AC in Masters O40 category.

In juvenile races we had Aaron Horgan & Zach Walshe running in Boys U9 category with Aaron finishing very strongly in the last 200m to take the bronze medal. Well done to Zach Walshe in his very first competitive race for St.Brendan's AC.

In Girls U11 our sole representative was Lilly Nowak running in older age category and still doing very well, finishing in top 20 position.

Boys U11 category had one of the highest number of entrants and St.Brendan's AC was represented by Stuart Daley, also competing in an older age category. Great run by Stuart in his second race in 2 weeks.

In Girls U13 we had Eimear O'Sullivan and Daisy Nowak. Girls had 2500m to run (2 laps) and Eimear placed just outside medal position with Daisy a few places behind.

In the last Race of the day, St.Brendan's AC had representatives in the Men's Intermediate and Masters race over a 7000m distance.
James Daley had a very productive race, finishing 4th overall in Intermediate section and Artur Nowak was participating in Masters O40 category.

Few photos on our FB page HERE.

04 October 2015

Cross Country 2015 season opener - Killarney

Sunday, 4th October 2015.
First cross county event of 2015/16 season was the Kerry Juveniles Even ages, U23 and Novice competition in Killarney on a very solid and dry surface, well suited for fast runners.
Competition started with Women's Novice and U23 category for 3 laps of Demesne field. For the first time in a good few years we had women in "Novice" category -  Ursula Barrett and Kirstie Nowak representing St. Brendan's AC. This is a 200% increase from previous year. 

After this race it was time for Kerry juveniles to shine with Girls U10 and Boys U10 at the starting line. Big numbers of athletes took part in both of these races and in Girls U10 our club was represented by Lilly Nowak, who had a good race finishing in top half of field of over 30 girls.

In Boys U10 race it was a bigger field of around 40 juveniles and St.Brendan's AC had a trio of first timers in cross country racing - Shane O'Connor, Stuart Daley and Aaron Horgan. All three boys had a solid race, considering we only had 3 training sessions until that point and all 3 placing in top 20 with Aaron narrowly missing a top 6 medal position.

Next for St.Brendan's AC on the starting line was Daisy Nowak in Girls U12 category with another middle of the field finish in this fast race.

Our last juvenile club member was Eimear O'Sullivan running in U14 category (a year out of age). She ran a very controlled race on the first 2 laps and picked up a pace on the last one to finish strongly. 

We did not have participants in U16 or U18 categories so the next race to feature St.Brendan's AC was the Men's Novice race. It was  6 laps of the course together with U18 Boys and U23 Categories.
We had James Daley, making his debut in cross country and Artur Nowak on the starting line. 
It was all smiles before the race!

Not so much after .....

Great day in Killarney, with excellent weather and solid running track.
Well done to our club athletes for making an effort and taking part in this competition and all the parents who travelled to Killarney and cheered on all our runners.

Few photos from the day on our FB page HERE

Strength & Conditioning (Circuit) training

Strength & Conditioning (Circuit) training is back for Autumn & Winter months.
Start date: Tuesday, 6th October 2015 at 8:00pm - 9:15pm
Venue: Ardfert Community Centre
Cost: €2 per session

Circuit training is a convenient way to exercise. It maximises the total exercise volume (number of sets, repetitions, and amount of weight) completed in a period of time. Exercises are completed in a row, and therefore, the time spent exercising is condensed. Separate cardiovascular training is not necessary. All body parts are trained in one session, and therefore, exercisers do not need to work out everyday.
Due to the lack of rest that circuit training demands, exercisers maintain elevated heart rates for the entire period of exercise. The combination of weight training and increased cardiovascular effort makes circuit training a beneficial type of cross training.

Benefits of Circuit Training (cross training):
"Simply stated, aerobic fitness develops faster than the muscular system (i.e. tendons, muscles, ligaments, and bones). For example, you may be able to hammer out a long run or a tempo run at 8 minutes per mile and not feel aerobically taxed, but your hips aren’t yet strong enough to handle the stress of the pace or volume of the run and your IT band becomes inflamed.
This experience is very common for runners who get injuries such as recurring shin splints or other persistent aches and pains when they first start running. Their aerobic fitness is allowing them to continue to increase the distance of their runs because they no longer feel winded at the end of each run; their shin muscles, however, haven’t adapted to the increased pounding caused by the increase in volume and they quickly become injured.
Therefore, it’s important that new runners and injury-prone athletes include ancillary routines, such as general strength training, into their weekly training plans to speed the development of the muscular system. In doing so, you’ll improve the strength and resiliency of your muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones and enable the muscular system to keep up with your aerobic developments.
What is holding you back from running more mileage and faster workouts each week? It isn't your aerobic system, but rather your body’s lack of resiliency toward increased mileage and harder, longer workouts.