27 December 2015

Are You Mad Running? - Cathy story

St.Brendan’s AC members share their personal stories and different experiences of getting fit and embracing new challenges in recent years.

Are You Mad Running? – Cathy story

Are you mad? Are you crazy? These are the questions that I’ve been asked lately, which always makes me giggle inside! Maybe they are right. Who knows?


All this running started 8 years ago in the gym to lose weight. I remember dreading that time to face the treadmill and being pushed to run 3k in 15mins. With the sweat pumping from all angles, 42km was never to be seen not to mention ran. But the more I did it, the better I was able to push through. And even though I was feeling tired, I also felt good at the same time.

I remember my first race was Dublin’s women’s mini marathon, June 2007. I was very nervous and honestly it was hell! I kept telling myself to drop out at 5k but then something took over and I would not give in. The after feeling was amazing. Receiving my very first medal and wearing it with pride. I did it and I knew that I could! That was it I got the BUG.

With 34 races of struggling with 5Ks and 10Ks, including 4 half marathons, over the next 7 years, it was time to take the plunge to move forward to run a FULL MARATHON.
Yes 26.2 miles around the streets of Dublin. Of course there was a voice like a cheeky minion in my head laughing at me saying I couldn’t do it. But I was determined. So before I could back out of it, I just signed up straight away. No turning back now.

With training four days a week on my own doing between 3-8 miles in the morning, I decided to join St. Brendan’s AC for the long runs which went from 16miles to 22miles every Sunday mornings at 8 o’clock. Body not even awake yet and I trying to eat a bowl of porridge that early, was torture enough. So under the order of Pat and his troops, Caroline and myself were put through our paces on the roads. 
There was good runs, very cranky runs and runs I couldn’t finish, but I enjoyed every one of them. Yes the training is hard, but once you push through the barrier of the new mileage the pain gets easier. The fun and good company on the road no matter what weather was like made training bearable. My diet would not have been exactly great. I could not manage a run if there was no mars bar involved, in fact on my long runs I always had to make a pit stop to the shop, for some, just to keep my energy levels up or so I thought. I depended on a sugar fix at every five miles, which is not good by the way!! But anything to get me around. 

First Full Marathon

October 26th 2014 Caroline and myself hit the streets of Dublin. I felt confident but nervous at the same time. The Streets lined out with people, atmosphere was eccentric. They even supplied mars bars, happy days!! I loved every mile and not a “wall” to be seen. It was absolutely amazing experience. That run meant so much to me, my very first marathon and to do it in memory of my late uncle made it all more special.

That was it, I wanted to do more, no stopping me now. Being part of St. Brendan’s AC was scary at first, but I was welcomed with open arms and under the advice of Artur Nowak and he stealing my mars bars, my running went from strength to strength. Plus joining a club of lunatics I fitted in well I suppose………. 

So 26 runs later including 6 full marathons, 4 half marathons and 3 stone lighter, within the year, (mars bars gone) including Dublin City Marathon again and knocking 50min of 2014, my next plan of action was the back to back (2 marathons in 2 days). I decided on this challenge, as something to push myself again plus after every marathon I did, my recovery seemed better.

When one is not enough

The first marathon was tough, a 2 loop of 13miles with good few pulls, weather conditions were poor, a lonely run and my pacing didn’t help. But 4hrs 8 mins later it was done. So it was into car, drive home and Epsom salts bath and back on the water and good carbs, plus I actually stretched, I know shock as stretching would not be my strong point….The following morning my body felt good, I didn’t though. I felt weak and couldn’t eat and felt nausea, was getting worried I might have to pull out. But I got there and I couldn’t wait to start again. With a different route of a 1 mile loop and a dreaded hill on one side, my second marathon started. Legs felt good straight away, until mile 10 they went dead. But the support on route was unreal. I met legends that day, ran with friends for a while, I walked when I wanted to, but I had so much fun, the pain eventually went. Mile 20 was there, 10k to go and found myself getting stronger. With 4hrs 12 mins it was finished. Second marathon completed. The euphoria was unreal. I set a challenge for myself and did it. I felt proud. Added bonus to be called back as I was leaving to be told I was first lady home in back to back. Woohoo!!

The FIT factor

I must say running for me has totally changed my life to be honest. Running has helped me to eat healthier, become a stronger person and hoping to be a good role model for my two boys. Heading out for a run for 4hours might seem crazy, but to me it’s a time I can think and a lot of problems are solved out in the road. The best thing is, I have met some amazing people in this last year alone through running that I’m honoured to call my friends. I don’t run for competition, nor do I run for time. I run for my own goals and if time is good, it’s an added bonus. I won’t lie running is hard and it takes up a lot of time, but in a good way and when you’re finished and have achieved that goal, than that’s what matters in the end. That and the medal of course!!!!!


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26 December 2015

December 2015 results

December 2015 was not too great for runners across Ireland and Kerry, with many events cancelled or postponed due to challenging weather conditions.
Below results and some pictures of events where St.Brendan's AC members took part.
For more photos and details visit our blog site HERE and Facebook page HERE.

4 December 2015 - Clonakilty Marathon, Directors Run
Moira Horgan  Cathy Quilter


5 December 2015 - Family 5K Fun Run/Walk, Killarney
Ursula Barrett, Shannon Quill, Yvonne Quill
Full results HERE.


12 December 2015 - Parkrun Tralee no.45
Pat Sheehy
Full results HERE

13 December 2015 - Santa Fun Run 5K, Tralee
Ursula Barrett, Keith O'Mahony, Peter Jackson, Dara Lowth, Moira Horgan, Aaron Horgan, Derek Griffin, David Butler, Pat Sheehy, Sadbh Lowth, Paudie Dineen, Kevin Horgan, Yvonne Quill, Shannon Quill

19 December 2015 - Parkrun Tralee no.46
Zach Walshe (1st in age category), Shannon Quill (1st in age category), Joe O'Brien, Thomas Redmond, Yvonne Quill, Caroline Harrington Stack, Patrick Stack

Video clip HERE.
Full results HERE.

19 December 2015 - Parkrun Griffen no.130
David Butler
Full results HERE.

26 December 2015 - Parkrun Tralee no.47
Pat Sheehy, Tina Curtin
Full results HERE

26 December 2015 - Farranfore 5K
Gerard Pierse, Artur Nowak, Patrick O'Riordan, Daisy Nowak, Kirstie Nowak
Full results HERE.

26 December 2015 - Festive Fun 5K for Cancer, Ballyduff
Seamus Falvey, Rebeca Falvey, Nora Falvey, Laura Falvey, Pat Sheehy, Paudie Dineen, Cathy Quilter, Margaret Carlin, Brian Lucid, Eileen Leen, Joan Reil Burke, Kieran Behan, Tom Scanlon, Catherine Burke, Noreen Leen.

26 December 2015 - Tidy Town 6K/10K, Ballylongford
10K: Pat Sheehy, Margaret Carlin

Last chance to check results from 
Road Races in Kerry in 2015 HERE (up to 31.12 2015)

20 December 2015

Run4Fun – Yvonne story

St.Brendan’s AC members share their personal stories and different experiences of getting fit and embracing new challenges in recent years.

Run4Fun – Yvonne story

Running all started for me about four years ago when I joined a gym in Tralee and decided it was time to get fit. One of the training machines there was a tread mill. I was crap when I started and had never been on one before but determined to keep going. I got good (so I thought) and managed to do a few 5km's on it, but I had not gone out running on the road. I was afraid people would laugh if they saw me. But then I decided to do a 5km run in Tralee for a charity. It was the hardest thing I had ever done. I didn't realise how unfit I actually was until I did this trying not to stop along the way so people who were watching would not laugh at me. It all changed when I crossed the finish line, not first but not last. I felt I had run a marathon so proud of myself and this was the start of my running days.  I felt fantastic and decided to take to the road or the canal bank in my case from then on.  So many people I know approached me who had seen me and said “well done” and “fair play” - people laughing at me was all in my head.

I trained myself and entered a few more 5kms, got better and decided to try a ten. It was the Killarney Women’s mini marathon in September 2013. What a stunning run through the Killarney National Park. I ran with the good, the great and the strugglers. The usual feelings ran through my mind when I started – “what the hell am I doing?”, “I’m never doing this again”, but you know everyone is in the same boat and you just jog along and don’t give up. Again the feeling when I finished was brilliant, such a great atmosphere, such an achievement I thought.

The first time I found out about St. Brendans Fit for Life was when a girl I work with saw me doing the Banna 5K Fun Run and asked me was I with a club.  She gave me the info about training as a group with St. Brendan’s Fit4Life and if I wanted to join I would be more than welcome.  So I took her up on the offer. It was Saturdays in Banna for an hour. I was normally (always) struggling but for some reason I didn’t care. I was doing the distance and getting fit. I was now part of a group of people who always encouraged me and told me I was great even though I knew I wasn’t. And three years on they still do it.

I now train both with St. Brendan’s and on my own. I run to keep fit. I run for myself and for no other reason. I have good runs and bad, good days and bad, but that’s fine with me because I always enjoy it. On my days off work I love to do between 5-7km on my own, with my music and sometimes after a tough day at work, I go home change and I take off for half an hour to clear my head. Shannon, my daughter is fifteen and runs herself and helps me with training and we sometimes run together. I have yet to beat her! 

I love going to races now and meeting all of the St. Brendan’s runners.  We all genuinely wish each other the best of luck and everyone is so supportive when I finish a race! I also do the Tralee Parkrun most Saturday mornings and this is a great way of trying to beat your previous time from the week before. It started in January 2015 and is free to register and run. I have also volunteered throughout the year to help. This is a fantastic way to start getting fit.

My goal for next year is to complete a half marathon, this will be a big step for me. The winter isn’t my favourite time for training and it’s hard with the weather, but I’m trying.  Come the spring, I will be back training for my half marathon, something three years ago I would never have even dreamed. Thanks to all my St. Brendan’s AC Fit4Life running friends and to my coach Artur. 


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18 December 2015

Holiday break

Juveniles training in Ardfert is finished until early January 2016.
Athletes who are competing in Munster Combine Events (Multievens) in Nenagh on 2nd & 3rd January 2016 will have additional, specific training in Castleisland on Sunday, 20 December from 11-1pm (high jump, hurdles, long jump - all weather permitting).
Note: athletes must be registered with club for 2016 season to enter.

12 December 2015

A late starter - Kirstie story

St.Brendan’s AC members share their personal stories and different experiences of getting fit and embracing new challenges in recent years.

A late starter - Kirstie's story

Getting started

I took up running in early 2012 (at the age of 40) having set myself the goal of doing the Dingle half marathon later in the year.
I was motivated into doing this having been a spectator at Dingle Marathon the previous year. I was curious to find out how people could run 13.1 miles or 26.2 miles and still be smiling afterwards. I really had no clue how long it would take to run these distances but it’s fair to say that I was well impressed by anyone taking on the challenge.
 I don’t think anyone really believed me when I said that I was going to take up running. You see, I have never been a sporty person. I don’t have an athletic build and I can honestly say that other than running around the school yard in primary school, I had never actively participated in sports. It really was starting from scratch for me.

The training plan

Training consisted of doing a couple of runs per week – usually a short run during the week and a longer run at weekends. It wasn't easy and I really had to persevere, starting off with gentle jog/walk and then building up over time.  As the mother of 3 children (current age 11, 8 and 5) and working part time, it was not possible to commit more time to training as the needs of my kids had to come first. I wasn’t going to be setting any world records for speed but for me it was all about finishing.
On Easter Saturday 2012 I completed the Ballybunion 10k. It was a mixture of walking and running for me, and I was so proud when I finished it. After this I set myself the target of completing the inaugural Ballyheigue “Half on the Head” half marathon which took place in July. Bearing in mind I had only started running in March of that year, I was probably a little over ambitious to be attempting 13.1 miles,  but I managed to finish in one piece and I spent the rest of the day in bed, exhausted but delighted with myself. I felt that I was definitely well set up for Dingle later in the year. However, when I finished the Dingle half, and saw those running the full Marathon coming back into Dingle town, I decided that I would have to do the full the following year.
It’s fair to say that at that point I had become hooked on the adrenalin rush that accompanies finishing a road race.


To date I have completed 5 full marathons, 8 half marathons, a number of 10 milers, 10k’s and 5k’s.  I even managed to take on a full marathon with just 3 hours notice as part of a relay team for the Hardman Triathlon in Killarney in August – something I would never have dreamed possible a couple of years ago. 
My training still consists of two or three training sessions per week though in winter this dwindles down to one running session (if I'm lucky) and one strength and conditioning session which I do with the St.Brendan’s AC Fit4Life group.  Again, the needs of my children will always come first and running takes second place while they have their after school activities to attend.  I complete all my long distance training runs on my own which gives me great head space and I honestly say that I enjoy my own company on those 3 hour runs. I sort out all kinds of problems and plan the meals for the week ahead.

Of all the distances, I would say that I enjoy 10 milers and Full Marathons the most. If I had to pick one race as being my favourite, I would probably say Dingle Full Marathon 2015. I had no goal set with regard to time having done a marathon only two weeks previously and I enjoyed every bit of it from start to finish – even the parts where I found myself sitting on the side of the road with aches and pains. Prior to this race I had said it would be my last full marathon, but once I crossed the finish line I started looking towards 2016. There is no feeling like crossing the line with 26.2 miles under the belt.

St Brendan’s AC Fit4Life

I also enjoy running with members of St. Brendan’s AC Fit4Life when I get the chance.  Belonging to the club has seen me competing in events that I would never have imagined possible such as the county track and field events and Kerry cross country events. I have won county medals for masters long jump and considering I tried this for the first time ever on the day of the competition, is proof that anything can be achieved with guts, determination and a sense of humour. The very idea of running cross country would have sent shivers up my back not so long ago, but I’m glad to be able to say that I’ve done it and I survived!

The biggest fun of all was competing as part of a team in the relay at the annual Masters county track & field events – and winning a county silver medal for this! As a group we always have good fun at all the events we attend which demonstrates that having fun is a key part for many of the more mature runners who have taken up running later in life.  During the summer months we enjoy trail running as a group and I thoroughly enjoy this experience too, though it is definitely a lot more challenging than road running.  The members of the club are friendly and supportive and we enjoy a number of social gatherings during the year too where we all manage to let our hair down.
I have also gained a better understanding of what the kids who are members of the club go through. My two daughters are active members of St Brendan’s AC and while they make it look so easy doing the long jump, throwing the shot putt and running, I now know that this isn’t so easy. 
For anyone thinking about joining a club but feeling that they might not be “good enough”, I would say that there are all levels of ability in St Brendan’s AC and that everyone is made to feel welcome and included.

Branching into other events

In 2014 I branched into Adventure Races, something I would never have contemplated prior to 2012. Again, I was tempted into this multi sport event after having been a spectator at the finishing line for a number of years and I wanted to see what it was all about. The Adventure Races consist of Run/Cycle/Kayak/Hike and there are different distances for all levels. I completed the mini Dingle AdventureRace and the medal I received is one of my most treasured finisher medals. I hope to do more of these events in the future.

How running has benefited me

Participating in races has given me a new confidence in myself. I feel fitter than ever before and I believe that I am setting a good example to my children. Of course they are all faster than me and have expressed their embarrassment at seeing their mother attempt the long jump at the County Track and Field event, but at the same time, I know these are memories they will remember as they get older.  As a family, we have been able to complete a number of events together including some 5K runs on Saturday mornings at Tralee Parkrun and this has been very enjoyable for us all.
The support from fellow runners and from members of the public is always encouraging and where once I would have been anxious about looking foolish if I was last, I now realise that participating and hopefully  finishing is the most important part of any event. I believe that it is important to instil this in our children too.
I have also made new friends with members of St Brendan’s AC and members of other clubs. Indeed fellow runner from Farranfore/MV AC, Pauline has pulled me through a couple of tough 10milers!

I do think that it is important to have a good sense of humour and I learned early on not to take any of the races too seriously and just enjoy them.


My goals for the future are pretty much the same as now. Until my children are older, I know that I can only commit so much time to training although I am getting smarter in my training and remain realistic about what I can achieve.
For anyone reading this that is considering taking up running but is doubtful of their ability, I can safely say that I took up running with no previous experience. I haven’t been able to dedicate huge amounts of time to running but I feel fit and healthy and happy with what I have achieved to date.

If you are thinking about it, I’d say stop the thinking and take the plunge. You can only learn what you are capable of by trying it first. 


06 December 2015

Running for my life - David story

St.Brendan’s AC members share their personal stories and different experiences of getting fit and embracing new challenges in recent years.

Running for my life - David story

My background

I am 33 and originally from Laois. Up until recently, I had lived and worked in the Dublin area for the last 10 years. My wife Irene and I and our little daughter Katie moved to Causeway in March this year and we both joined St. Brendan's AC. I work from home every day so by joining the club I have met a great bunch of people that I always enjoy meeting up with for training sessions or at races. Everyone is so friendly and really supportive across the entire club.

Up to 2 and a half years ago my appearance, health and fitness was very different to what it is today. I weighed 21 and a half stone (at 5ft 10in in height with a BMI of 42.8). Back then I was often breathless after minor exercise such as a short walk, suffered back pain and didn't sleep well and my little baby girl was just starting to walk so keeping up with her was going to be even more of a challenge. Critically my outlook for a long and healthy life was significantly reducing with every passing year I did nothing about my weight.

I had seen family and friends with similar challenges to what I faced address them in recent years so I used that as further inspiration that it could be done and made to last. I took some advice from my brother who is a gym instructor and a fitness enthusiast.

In May 2013 I started to reduce my calorie intake, changed my diet, kept a food diary and started some regular exercise (a couch to 5k program). I set myself a target of 3 stone lost before my next birthday in December. I achieved that target in half the time I had set out so I knew the plan would work. I also completed my first ever race, the Run in the Dark 5K in November 2013. The weight loss kept up over that year and I kept up the running and completed a number of 5K and 10K races in same time period.

After 1 year I had got my weight down to 14st and generally speaking it's held pretty steady since then, for now I just keep an eye on the scales every week and just focus on my fitness.

This year has been my best year of running to date as I got a number of personal bests at 5K/10K/10 Mile and Half Marathon. I am particularly proud of breaking my half marathon PB each of the four times I raced the distance this year, I feel I have more to come from myself at that distance as well and long term wise could see it being the distance I race most often. The biggest challenge I took on this year was my first attempt at the marathon distance.

Dublin City Marathon 2015

I also completed my first marathon in Dublin on the October bank holiday weekend. That was a dream come true, thinking where I had come from back in 2013 to having the confidence and fitness to even consider signing up for the full marathon, let alone training for it and completing it. My training plan started back in June and lasted for 18 weeks which had me running 5 times a week starting the plan with a total weekly mileage of 20 miles and getting up to a maximum of 40 miles per week. The plan included a number of 18-20 mile runs....something I had never even dreamed of before but I was able for it. The long runs were a real challenge at times to be honest, as much on the head as anything else physically. I did the majority of all training on my own....on the day you are surrounded by people but you are racing on your own. Thankfully though, club mate James joined with me for a good few of the long runs which made things a lot easier. Some highlights of training included a 19 mile run around London city centre, better than any open top bus tour! I also took part in a group run doing 20 miles of the course a month before the marathon up in Dublin, this was with some other marathon novices that I knew from boards.ie that were on the same plan as me. That was a very beneficial experience as it gave me a good knowledge of the route and also it was my first time breaking 20 miles.

The day of the marathon was something very special, I was so happy to make the start line after having some knee pain issues in the month preceding the race that had to be carefully managed with physio direction. I actually celebrated crossing the start line probably as much as many do finishing such races but it was a proud moment for me to be there. I was very happy that I was feeling confident and that I was sure I was able for the challenge. The race went very well with things holding steady up to the halfway point, the second half was more challenging with tough weather conditions and also the step into the unknown when I crossed the 20 mile mark for the last 6.2 miles. That last hour of running was where the training really came in. I got some cheers from work colleagues and friends on route throughout the whole race and that was a huge benefit, also my wife Irene got around to cheer me at three points on the course at the 4 mile mark, 19 mile mark and then in the last 0.2 of a mile. It was a great boost to see her on each occasion but unfortunately I did not spot her at the third location but I had my eyes on the finish gantry and was willing myself over the last stretch.

That last hour was the toughest thing I have ever done physically, it took a lot of mental coaching telling myself that I was okay, acknowledge any pain/tiredness I was feeling and to just keep running. I remember well crossing the UCD flyover and thinking of what someone said to me in the weeks preceding the race that it's just a parkrun to finish from there. I have ran 5K many times and always confident that I can do that no matter what. A lot of people around me were walking but I wanted to achieve my goal and run every step and proud to say that I did that. I stopped once for two seconds to adjust the tongue on my runner but outside I that I ran non-stop. When signing up the race that was what I wanted to achieve and despite coming in at 4:12:54, which was 2-3 minutes above my goal time on the day I was so happy with it all.


I had two weeks off after the marathon to allow the body to recover and now getting back into things again over the last few weeks. For the moment as I work through the knee pain issue which has thankfully subsided hugely (thanks again to club mate Derek in Tralee Physiotherapy for helping me out) I am back running 3 times a week. Outside of that I am doing some strength and conditioning work which should resolve the knee issue for the future.

The Future

At the moment I am working to address the “runner's knee” issue that I got in the last month before marathon training and making good progress. The rest of this year and for the early part of next year I am planning on trying to chip away at my 5K time in Parkruns. I have a 5 mile race in Dublin at the end of January and I am signed up for the Valentine's 10 mile run in Tralee. I am planning on a half marathon in March/April but have not decided which one yet. Next summer then all going well I might have another go at training for and running the Dublin City marathon in 2016.

Long term wise I hope to maintain my current fitness and have many decades of running left in me. Running gives me so much, on top of maintaining my fitness I find it hugely beneficial for my mental well-being. It's something that both my wife and I can do together and moving to a new area it's been a great way to meet new people. Hopefully in time our daughter Katie will enjoy to run too.


05 December 2015

End of November 2015 results

21 November 2015 - Parkrun Tralee no.43
Zach Walshe, David Butler, Pat Sheehy, Shannon Quill, Yvonne Quill.
Well done to Zach who was named Parkruner of the Month!

Full results HERE.

21 November 2015 - MCI Marathon Tralee
Cathy Quilter, Moira Horgan

Full results HERE.

28 November 2015 - Parkrun Tralee no.44
Pat Sheehy, Paudie Dineen

Full results HERE.

28 November 2015 -  Parkrun Naas no.88
David Butler, Irene Butler

Full results HERE.

28 November 2015 - Scibbereen Down & Dirty Obstacle Race 
Brian Lucid

Gallery of photos HERE.

29 November 2015

To complete 25 Marathons - Moira story

St.Brendan’s AC members share their personal stories and different experiences of getting fit and embracing new challenges in recent years.

To complete 25 Marathons - Moira story

In 2010 I decided that I needed to get fitter and started cycling as it was a different exercise than the walking of which I was doing plenty of, having spent many years on the golf courses.  My initial goal, which I successfully completed, was to complete the 2010 Ring of Kerry Cycle. My usual training routine at this time was to incorporate a cycle at 6 a.m. and before the busy day would commence. 

In October of that year an e-mail was sent by Marcus Howlett to staff and students of the IT Tralee (where I work as Full time Clerical Officer) looking for novice runners to train for the 2011 Great Limerick Run.  Having considered doing a bit of running I joined the group and along with other members, the Born To Run Tralee Marathon Club was established.  Over the following months I completed the necessary training runs under Marcus’s expertise, guidance and patience, and ran my first full marathon in Limerick 2011.  All this would not have been possible without the support that I got from my twin sister, Monica who looked after the boys for me on Saturday mornings when the mileage was increasing.  Other training runs were held during my lunch hour at work.

After I crossed that finish line in Limerick I was hooked on running marathons and decided to join Marathon Club Ireland and have since set my new goal of completing 25 marathons.  Marathon Club Ireland was formed in November 2010 to encourage all aspects of marathon running in Ireland, from participation to organisation. They are a group of like-minded individuals who complete 26.2 mile races for fun, for a sense of achievement and mostly in a quest to complete 100 marathons, or more.

Running on to 2015,  and having completed 17 full marathons to date, my first marathon is the one I  have enjoyed the most, not only for the camaraderie with my work colleagues and students, but also for the sense of personal achievement (and relief!) that I got when I crossed that finish line.

In November 2014 after my son Aaron joined St. Brendan’s AC, I was approached by Ursula to help out at the weekly club training sessions with the younger children with Head Coach Artur. Since then Kevin has also joined the weekly sessions and now my personal enjoyment is running with my two boys, who were definitely “Born to Run”.  
Aaron is a very active member of the Club and has represented the club in Track and Field events and Cross Country running at both County and Munster Levels.  It is brilliant to see that the next generation is enjoying a sport that has massive benefits for them in their lives.  Both boys also enjoy playing Soccer, Football, Golf and Swimming.

To assist with my running, I have joined the Strength and Conditioning class on Tuesday evenings in Ardfert Community Centre. After the initial first week of pain and finding muscles that I hadn’t worked before, these sessions are now enjoyable and I have made new friendships.
Ultimately I would love to be able to train more. I enjoy running and especially when on my own as it is my head space and “me” time.  However, with family life, my free time is limited.  My training runs are still held during my lunch hour at work, running after the boys and on occasions during the boy’s activities.
My achievements to date includes 17 Marathons (including one back to back), Half on the Head and Ballybunion Half Marathons, Ring of Kerry Cycles (2010, 2011 and 2013), Ring of Beara Cycle (140 km in 2015) along with numerous 5k and 10k runs.

My goals for the future is to complete 25 Marathons which will include the Tralee Ultra Marathon.
Everything is possible, so long as you believe in yourself. There are many obstacles / excuses that can come in the way, but the most important aspect that I found was finding something I really enjoyed as it makes it easier on the days when the body is saying one thing and the weather is telling me something else!!


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27 November 2015

Munster Indoor Combine Invents 2016

Munster Indoor Combine Invents 2016 will take place on Saturday, 2 January 2016 for Juveniles Boys U11-U16 and on Sunday, 3 January 2016 for Girls U11-U16.
Last year St.Brendan's AC was well represented and if anyone is interested going to this competition, please inform club secretary Moira 0877985557 or email: stbrendansac@gmail.com

We are planing few training session in Castleisland to cover all events:
- sprint
- hurdles (only U13 up)
- long jump
- high jump (only U12 up)
- shot putt (only U12 up)
- distance running (600m/800m)
If you need more informations, please contact Head Coach Artur Nowak at training session.
This is a great opportunity to try 4-5 events in one day (shot putt and long jump restricted to 3 attempts only).
Details of event for Boys on Saturday HERE and for Girls on Sunday HERE.

25 November 2015

Registration for 2016

Registration for 2016 will take place on Wednesday, 2 December 2015 in Ardfert Community Centre from 6pm to 7:30pm for Juveniles U9-U18, Seniors, Fit4Life.
Cost for 2016 is €30 for all members.
Discount of €10 per consecutive child in the same family.
Registration fee covers insurance with AAI, Kerry County Board affiliation fee and competitions entry fees. 
Registration forms will be available on the day.
Children  who are registering for the first time with the club must bring a copy of their birth cert.

Kids training T-shirts will be on sale for €8.
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22 November 2015

Chapter 1 - Mags story

St.Brendan’s AC members share their personal stories and different experiences of getting fit and embracing new challenges in recent years.

Chapter 1 - Mags story

I am a mom of 2 and l work full time. My adventure with running began 3 years ago. l had always wished l could run but could never make the time  or find  the right motivation to get me started.

But for me that motivation came in the form of St.Brendan's AC, “Couch to 5K” Group!
I started with the “C25K”group in the Autumn of 2012 and together with our leaders we trained 3 times a week walking/running and increasing the run duration throughout the 8 week period.
We ran our first official 5K that December together as a group.
l will never forget that sense of achievement, closeness and sense of pride we felt as a group.
This was just the beginning, we continued our training 3 times weekly increasing our distance and varying the training from trail running (which l absolutely love), to mixed terrain- beach/speed work and easy-moderate runs. Nerves have turned to excitement with each run!

l have taken part in many 5K, 10K, 10 miler and mini-marathons. This year we as a group challenged ourselves to Spin SW Sandstorm. All fantastic experiences!

Running keeps me fit and my mind healthy. l thrive on the buzz l get after a run!
l found training/running within a group to be very encouraging and positive. l have made and kept strong friendships through my running.
Being a good role model to my kids is important to me.

My goal for the future is to enjoy every run and to encourage anybody who is thinking about beginning but doubting their ability to JUST GO FOR IT! l did and it has opened up a whole new friendly, healthy and happy world for me.