Registration form for new club members:


Download Form for Juveniles HERE 

Download Form for Adults HERE

Registration fee for 2019 is €30 for juveniles and adults.

Benefits of membership of Athletics Ireland

1. Insurance

Athletics Ireland membership provides third party insurance cover for our members. This insurance covers you at training sessions organised by Athletics Ireland Affiliated Clubs.

2. Eligibility to Compete at National Championship Events

Only Athletics Ireland members are permitted to compete at our National Championships.

3. Development Incentives

Clubs Affiliated to Athletics Ireland can avail of coaching courses run by Athletics Ireland at a very reasonable rate. There is also an added incentive of equipment packs for clubs who are registered & have taken part in coaching programmes.

4. New Clubs

Athletics Ireland supports the establishment of new clubs both financially and practically by providing first year funding & courses.

5. Athlete Development

Athletics Ireland provided support for developing & promising athletes by running squad days, both Provincially & Nationally.

6. Competition

Athletics Ireland provides a comprehensive programme of competition for all age levels from Juvenile to Master

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