24 May 2018

Primary School Sports Area Finals 2018 - RESULTS

RESULTS - 23 May 2018

1st Class
Girls – 60m
1st –  Aoibhinn O’Driscoll, Kilmoyley N.S.
2nd – Rebecca Mason, Spa N.S.
3rd – Kelly Flaherty, Kilmoyley N.S.

Girls - 100m
1st -  Sarah Chute, Spa N.S.
2nd – Evie O’Sullivan, Spa N.S.
3rd –  Madison O’Connor, Kilmoyley N.S.

Boys   - 60m
1st  -  Conor O’Sullivan,  Ardfert N.S.
2nd – Ben O’Connor, Glenderry N.S.
3rd -  Jason Gaynor, Glenderrry N.S.

Boys – 100m
1st –  Stephen Harty, Glenderry N.S.
2nd – Tadgh Dineen, Kilmoyley N.S.
3rd  -  Eric O’Sullivan, Bouleensheere N.S.

2nd Class
Girls – 60m
1st – Rachel Lennon, Ardfert N.S.
2nd – Millie Raggett, Ardfert N.S.
3rd – Ciara Quilter, Fenit N.S.

Girls - 100m
1st –  Nicole Deenhihan, Kilmoyley N.S.
2nd – Emma Gaynor, Spá N.S.
3rd-   Valentine O’Brien, Ardfert N.S.

Boys – 60m
1st –  Sean Cronin, Fenit N.S.
2nd  - Robert O’Shea, Kilmoyley N.S.
3rd  -  Billy Naughton, Spá N.S.

Boys - 100m
1st  –  Dara Harty, Spá N.S.
2nd  -  Kevin Horgan, Glenderry N.S.
3rd -   Billy Moriarty, Killury N.S.

3rd Class
Girls – 80m
1st –  Tegan Carey, Kilmoyley N.S.
2nd – Naomi Osibodu, Abbeydorney N.S.
3rd -  Siofra Murphy, Spá N.S.

Girls - 200m
1st -  Anna O’Sullivan, Spá N.S.
2nd – Anna Chute, Spá N.S.
3rd -  Aisling Gaynor, Kilmoyley N.S.

Boys – 80m
1st – Sean Hickey, Fenit N.S.
2nd  - Xavier Rwemienki, Glenderry N.S.
3rd  - Aodhán Horgan, Glenderry N.S.

Boys – 200m
1st –  Matthew O’Sullivan, Ardfert N.S.
2nd – Conor McGibney, Spá N.S.
3rd – Mickey Corridon, Kilmoyley N.S.

4th Class
Girls – 100m
1stLaura Mason, Spá N.S.
2ndMia Carmody, Spá N.S.
3rdLaura Nolan, Kilmoyley N.S.

Girls – 200m
1st – Rebecca Naughton, Spá N.S.
2nd – Hazel Guilfoyle, Spá N.S.
3rd -  Sarah Jane Feehan, Kilmoyley N.S.

Boys – 100m
1st –  Jack Casey, Kilmoyley N.S.
2nd – Darragh Driscoll, Kilmoyley N.S.
3rd – Tom Quilter, Fenit N.S.

Boys – 200m
1st –  Aaron Horgan, Glenderry N.S.
2nd –  Aaron Harty, Spá N.S.
3rd –  Michael O’Sullivan, Spá N.S.

5th Class
Girls – 100m
1st –  Aoife O’Brien, Fenit N.S.
2nd – Serena Dunne, Glenderry N.S.
3rd – Alicia Cronin, Fenit N.S.

Girls - 600m
1st -  Jessica McGibney, Spá N.S.
2nd – Sophie Hassett, Spá N.S.
3rd – Lily Parker, Fenit N.S.

Boys – 100m
1st –  Matt Pierse, Glenderry N.S.
2nd – Eoin O’Flaherty, Ardfert N.S.
3rd -  Maurice Hanafin, Fenit N.S.

Boys – 600m
1st –  Ryan Hickey, Fenit N.S.
2nd – Hugh Lenihan, Fenit N.S.
3rd -  Liam Og O Connor, Ardfert N.S.

6th Class
Girls – 100m
1st –  Aoife Greaney – Spá N.S.
2nd – Lillie Gaynor, Kilmoyley N.S.
3rd – Orlaith McKenna, Spá N.S.

1st – Laura Reilly, Spá N.S.
2nd – Molly McDaid, Spá N.S.
3rd – Clare O’Dowd, Spá N.S.

Boys – 100m
1st     - Oscar Morrison, Ardfert N.S.
2 nd    -  Jamie O’Shea, Ardfert N.S.
3rd     - Jamie O’Sullivan, Ardfert N.S.

1st – Tom O’Flaherty, Ardfert N.S.

Turbo Javelin – 2nd and 3rd Classes
1st – Anna O’Suillivan, Spá N.S.
2nd – Georgia Kennedy, Spá N.S.
3rd – Louise Lane, Ardfert N.S.

1st –  Eoin Malik, Ardfert N.S.
2nd – Matthew O’Sullivan, Ardfert N.S.
3rd – Eoghan Crowley, Spá N.S.

Shot Put
1st –  Laura Reilly, Spá N.S.
2nd -  Molly McDaid, Spá N.S.
3rd – Orla McKenna, Spá N.S.

1st –  Tom O’Flaherty, Ardfert N.S.
2nd  - Jamie O’Shea, Ardfert N.S.
3rd – Oscar Morrison, Ardfert N.S.

Long Jump


Aaron Horgan, Glenderry N.S.
Maurice Lenihan, Fenit N.S.


Aoife O Brien, Fenit N.S.
Elisha Cronin, Fenit N.S.

Relay Teams

1st/2nd Classes
1St     - Ardfert N.S. – Rachel Lennon, Valentine O’Brien, Nicole Power, Millie Raggett
2nd    - Spá N.S.
3rd     - Spá N.S.
1st –   Glenderry N.S. – Kevin Horgan, Ben O’Connor, Stephen Harty, Shay Barrett
2nd –  Spá N.S.
3rd -   Ardfert N.S.

3rd/4th Classes
1st  -  Spá N.S. – Laurel Mason, Mia Carmody, Eve Broderick, Rebecca Naughton
2nd   - Spá N.S.
3rd   - Kilmoyley N.S.
1st – Glenderry N.S. – Aaron Horgan, Rory O’Halloran, Darragh Duggan, Adam Thornton
2nd – Spá N.S.
3rd  -  Fenit N.S.

5th/6th Classes
1st –  Spá N.S. – Jessica McGibney, Molly McDaid, Sophia Hassett, Orla McKenna
2nd-  Fenit N.S.
3rd -  Spá N.S.
1st -  Ardfert N.S. – Eoin O’Flaherty, Keelin Best, Liam Og O Connor, Roderigo Pinho
2nd – Ardfert N.S.
3rd -  Ardfert N.S.

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Overall points standing:

1st -  Spá N.S. - 77pts
2nd - Ardfert N.S. - 46pts
3rd -  Kilmoyley N.S. - 27pts
4rd - Glenderry N.S. - 25pts
5th - Abbeydorney N.S - 2pts
6th - Killury N.S & Bouleenshere N.S. - 1pts