30 May 2013

Road races in Kerry, June 2013

Dingle Way Challenge 
4 stage Trek (18K + 17K + 9K + 11K)
2nd June 2013 (Sunday) 

Entry: 30
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Dingle Adventure Race
8th June 2013 (Saturday)

Entry: €75  DAR (48Km)
          €65  DAR (43Km)
          50  DAR Relay (48Km)

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   Killarney Lions Mini Marathon (10K &5K walk)
   8th June 2013 (Saturday)
   Killarney Plaza Hotel@11am

   Entry: €15

Kerryhead Half Marathon
& 10K
16th June 2013 (Sunday)
Ballyheigue@11am (walkers 10am)
Entry: €30 Half Marathon
          €15 10K
Mid Summer Soltice 10K
22nd June 2013 (Saturday)
Entry: €20
Nuns On The Run 10K & 5K
23rd June 2013 (Sunday)
Entry: €10

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Sneem Sprint Triathlon
29th June 2013 (Saturday)
Entry: €40

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Olimpic, Sprint, Super Sprint + Relays
29 June 2013 (Saturday)
Entry: €60 Olimpic
          €50 Sprint
          €40 Super Sprint

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        KILMOYLEY 5K
        30 June 2013
        Start at Kilmoyley NS
        Entry: €10 Adult
                  € 5 Child
                    Family rates (2 ADL + 2 CHL)

Road races in KERRY 2013

25 May 2013



The county primary school sports took place Saturday 25th May 2013 at An Ríocht, Castleisland.  Ardfert Central NS may have only had a small number of pupils in attendance, they did very well competitively bringing home many medals with them.

Gold Medals:              Darragh Courtney       5th Class           100m
                                    Ciara McCarthy          5th Class           600m
Silver Medals:             Sadbh Lowth              2nd Class          100m
                                    Darragh Lowth           6th Class           100m
Bronze Medals:          Earnán Ferris               3rd Class           Turbo Jav
                                    Trevor Leen                 6th Class           Shot Putt
Relays:            1st        Sadbh Lowth, Amy O’ Loughlin, Rachael O’ Sullivan
             & Daisy Nowak (1st & 2nd Class)
1st        Darragh Courtney, Trevor Leen, Darragh Lowth
& Aaron Malik (5th & 6th Class)

           3rd      Amy Casey, Sinéad O’ Mahony, 
          Clodagh Kirby& Ciara McCarthy (5th & 6th Class) 

Darragh Courtney’s 100m final was very tightly contested on the finish line with Darragh coming out the eventual winner!! Ciara McCarthy had a stormer of a race & led from the gun to finish in first place!!  Trevor Leen had a very good throw & placed in an event which he hasn’t competed in a while.  The girls relay of first & second class had a long wait for their relay but were delighted to be the gold medal winners on the day & they all ran exceptionally well.
Thank you to teacher Deirdre Courtney for co-ordinating the children on the day & the many parents who helped out.

                 More pictures on our FB page HERE
                              Full results HERE

19 May 2013

Lakes of Killarney Half & Full Marathon 2013

The first Lakes of Killarney Half & Full Marathon took place on Saturday 18th May 2013 and was represented by St.Brendan's AC runners in both distances FULL & HALF Marathon.
Derek Griffin completed the Full Marathon in 3:29, Artur Nowak completed the half in 1:44, Paul Harris, finished his FIRST half marathon in 2:07 and Kirstie Nowak finished the half in 2:29. Congratulations to Paul on this milestone.

There were a total of 330 people competing in what were favourable weather conditions on a spectacular course within Killarney National  Park. Without doubt, this was a very pleasant and not too difficult route, with many runners making it their first full or half marathon. 
Results HERE
Gallery HERE on our FB page

16 May 2013


Second time lucky for the Primary School sports area finals.  For the first time in a few years there was a great turnout from the schools.  In what was a very close finish Ardfert NS came out as winners of the shield with Glenderry NS coming a very close second.  Any child that qualified at this event will now go forward to represent their school at the county Primary Schools Sports at An Ríocht track in Castleisland on 25th May 2013 beginning at 11am.


First Class:  60m         1st Amy O’ Loughlin      Ardfert NS
                                    2nd Katelyn Moore         Ardfert NS
                                    3rd Molly Casey             Glenderry NS  

     100m           1st Amy O’ Loughlin     Ardfert NS
                         2nd Molly Casey            Glenderry NS
                                     3rd Katelyn Moore        Ardfert NS

Second Class: 60m      1st Sadbh  Lowth           Ardfert NS
                                    2nd Melanie Higgins       Glenderry NS
                                    3rd Emma Woods           Glenderry NS  
                      100m      1st Sadbh Lowth            Ardfert NS 
                                    2nd Rachael O’ Sullivan  ArdfertNS
                                    3rd Melanie Higgins        Glenderry NS 

Third Class: 80m        1st Katelyn Leen            Glenderry NS
                                     2nd Katie Hussey           Ardfert NS
                                     3rd Clara Heather          Ardfert NS 

                   100m         1st Katelyn Leen            Glenderry NS
                                     2nd Katie Hussey           Ardfert NS
                                     3rd Clara Heather          Ardfert NS 

(2nd & 3rd)   Turbo Jav 1st Emma Woods           Glenderry NS
                                    2nd Daisy Nowak           Ardfert NS                   

Fourth Class: 100m    1st Ava Griffen              Glenderry NS
                                    2nd Chloe Casey              Ardfert NS
                                    3rd Clodagh Donnelly     Glenderry NS 

                     200m       1st Ava Griffen              Glenderry NS
                                    2nd Clodagh Donnelly     Glenderry NS
                                    3rd Shauna Casey          Glenderry NS 

Fifth Class:  100m       1st Ciara McCarthy        Ardfert NS
                                     2nd Fiona Quirke            Glenderry NS
                                     3rd Sinéad O’ Mahony    Ardfert NS 

                   600m         1st Ciara McCarthy        Ardfert NS
                                     2nd Fiona Quirke            Glenderry NS
                                     3rd Sinéad O’ Mahony    Ardfert NS 

(4th & 5th) Long Jump  1st Gráinne Raggett        Ardfert NS
                                    2nd Clodagh Kirby          Ardfert NS 

Sixth Class: 100m       1st Amy Casey              Ardfert NS
                                     2nd Mia Duggan             Glenderry NS
                                     3rd Megan Oxford          Glenderry NS 

                   600m         1st Megan Oxford          Glenderry NS               

                   Shott Putt  1st Mia Duggan             Glenderry NS
                                    2nd Megan Oxford         Glenderry NS



First & Second Class:          1st Ardfert NS
                                               2nd Glenderry NS

Third & Fourth Class:        1st Glenderry NS
                                               2nd Ardfert NS 

Fifth & Sixth Class:             1st Ardfert NS
                                               2nd Ardfert NS
                                               3rd Glenderry NS                                                       

First Class: 60m          1st Alex McGrath          Ardfert NS
                                     2nd Odhran Ferris          Ardfert NS
                                     3rd Rory Cantillon          Glenderry NS

                100m            1st Gearóid Harty           Glenderry NS
                                     2nd Odhran Ferris          Ardfert NS
                                     3rd Dylan Godley           Glenderry NS 

Second Class: 60m      1st Paddy Falvey            Spa NS
                                     2nd Robert Monahan      Kilmoyley NS
                                     3rd Félim O’ Sullivan      Glenderry NS  

                    100m        1st Paddy Falvey            Spa NS
                                     2nd Robert Monahan      Kilmoyley NS
                                     3rd Félim O’ Sullivan      Glenderry NS 

Third Class: 80m        1st Breanndán Walsh     Abbeydorney NS
                                     2nd Gavin Raggett          Ardfert NS
                                     3rd Ronan Pearce           Glenderry NS 

                   200m         1st Ronan Pearce           Glenderry NS
                                     2nd Gavin Raggett          Ardfert NS
                                     3rd Jedd Maunsell          Abbeydorney NS

(2nd & 3rd) Turbo Jav   1st Earnán Ferris            Ardfert NS
                                    2nd Christopher Nolan    Ardfert NS                               

Fourth Class: 100m    1st Tomás Gaynor          Glenderry NS
                                     2nd Séan Brosnan          Ardfert NS
                                     3rd Jordan Goggin          Glenderry NS 

                      200m      1st Tomás Gaynor          Glenderry NS
                                     2nd Séan Brosnan          Ardfert NS
                                     3rd Graham Slattery       Glenderry NS

Fifth Class:  100m       1st Darragh Courtney     Ardfert NS
                                     2nd Jack Falvey             Spa NS
                                     3rd Colin Roche             Glenderry NS 

                   600m         1st Jack Falvey              Spa NS
                                    2nd Pádraig Woods        Glenderry NS
                                    3rd Colin Roche             Glenderry NS

(4th & 5th) Long Jump  1st Aaron Malik             Ardfert NS 

Sixth Class: 100m       1st Darragh Lowth         Ardfert NS
                                     2nd Trevor Leen            Ardfert NS
                                     3rd Niall Marley            Ardfert NS
                   600m         1st Niall Marley             Ardfert NS
                                    2nd David Fitzgerald       Ardfert NS
                                    3rd David Ryle               Ardfert NS  

                  Shot Putt   1st Ciarán Monahan       Kilmoyley NS
                                    2nd Trevor Leen              Ardfert NS                      

First & Second Class:            1st Ardfert NS
                                                 2nd Glenderry NS
                                                  3rd Ardfert NS
Third & Fourth Class:            1st Glenderry NS
                                                   2nd Ardfert NS
                                                   3rd Ardfert NS
Fifth & Sixth Class:    1st Ardfert NS
                                     2nd Glenderry NS
Thank you very much to the St. Brendan's AC committee for hosting this event on behalf of the county Primary schools.