29 October 2010

Nenagh Camp 2010

We made our annual October midterm trip to Nenagh last Wednesday for our training camp and trial day which threw up some suprising results with everybody who attended having fantastic fun!We covered nearly every event on the day with the experienced athletes concentrating on their main events and the new athletes trying out all events to see what they are good at.
   The standout athlete on the day had to be Dylan Roche in the 60m and 200m trials who will surely rewrite his PB's in these events by a huge margin in the indoor season ahead.Dylan recorded 7.04 and 7.08 hand times in his two 60m runs with both myself and Danny getting the same times to indicate accuracy;surely an electronic 7.2-7.3 will be achieved!In the 200m Dylan ran a strong 23.6 which is a decent time around the tight bends of Nenagh track.
   Other experienced athletes to standout included Pa Gilberts first time clearance at 2.80m in the pole vault with a very good technique,Una Marleys 2.51m jump in the pole vault and Michael Grimes 11m+ triple jump.Elaine Courtney also joined us on the day and had scorching 60m sprint and was the only girl to make the 'A' sprint final.

   The new athletes were not be be outdone either;Naomi O Brien showed her talent when she was 3 stride hurdling within minutes,cleared 1.80m in the pole vault and also showed promise in the 60m,high jump and long jump.Rachel Dennessen also cleared 1.80m in the pole vault and was able to 3 stride hurdle.David Breen tried every event but excelled the most in the 800m while also having good performances in the pole vault and sprints.Peter O Brien showed everybody not to judge a book by its cover when he showed everybody that hes not just a tank of a thrower;Peter made the 60m 'A' final,was able to 3 stride hurdle and had a good go at the high jump aswel even if one or two jumps were a bit unorthidox.Joe O Connell also took a shine to hurdling 3 striding with ease.
   Other athletes who took part and showed that they are moving in the right direction in their events included PJ Galvin,Shane and Darragh Lowth,Katie O Riordan,Eoghan O Sullivan,Katie Rogers,David Hogan,Hannah Roche,Jack Regan Kirwan,Darragh Courtney and Dylan Carey.Danny was also with us on the day but as he has only started jogging after his injury only took part in the shot putt and the rumours are that he hit the back wall with the shot!! :P
   Get well soon to Ailbhe,Luke O Keeffe,Ben and Jack who were sick and couldnt make it on the day and to Edward who is currently injured but getting closer to his comeback to try and chase down Roche :)

See everybody at training Sat and Sun,
Shane :)

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