17 November 2010

Kerry Indoors-Nenagh Dec 5th

Nenagh Indoor Track-11am Sharp start time-Cost-e5
Bus time to be finalised-Approx 8-8.30am

U9-60m,300m,4x100m Relay
U10-60m,500m,LJ,4x100m Relay
U12-60m,600m,LJ,HJ,Shot,4x100m Relay
U13 600m,4x100m Relay[These U13 events aren’t available U14]
U14-60m,800m,1km walk,LJ,HJ,Shot,4x200m Relay
U16-60m,800m,LJ,HJ,Shot,4x200m Relay
60m Hurdles U13/U14/U15/U16/U17/U18/Jun/Open
Open-60m,200m,3/400m,800m,1500m,TJ,HJ,LJ,PV,Shot,1km walk,28/35/56lb WFD,4x200m Relay
2011 competition Age Groups
Open-1995 back

LJ-3 attempts,1 extra for top 6 athletes U10/U12/U14/U16
LJ/TJ-6 attempts max Open
U10 LJ from sand,U12+ from board.

Shot-3 attempts,1 extra for top 6 athletes U12/U14/U16
Shot/WFD-6 attempts max Open
Athletes will throw their 2011 weight shot &WFD

If heats are required in events, where possible, athletes will be divided in relation to their age group, i.e. U11s in one heat with U12s in another heat, with those who qualify out of each meeting in the final for the 60m only. All other events being decided on times. (Please note this may be unavoidable and age groups will be mixed in heats.)

Heats &Finals for 60m-No Semi Finals.
4 heats=2 to qualify
3 heats-3 to qualify
2 heats-4 to qualify
Lane Draws for 200/300/400s based on 2010 SB where possible.
Fastest-Lane 3
2nd Fastest-Lane 4
3rd Fastest-Lane 2
4th Fastest-Lane 1

Hurdles races may be mixed in age groups if numbers are low, but athletes will hurdle their 2011 height and distances regardless.eg.U17/U18/U20 girls or boys may compete in the same race but will all have their own heights and distances. This will be done to provide adequate competition and also to speed up the competition program.
Please note there will be a check in for all Open track events that will close 45mins beforehand.
Open track event races will be graded on 2010 personal bests where possible.
Please note a call room will be in operation for all 60m sprints.

U13+ must use starting blocks. Coaches will be available before the hurdles, sprints and relays to give a quick intro to athletes who do not know how to use them.
Coaches will be on hand to give a quick intro to the following events before they start for athletes who wish to try them.
U10 LJ
U12 HJ
U12 Shot
Open WFD

U16s may take part in Open 200m,1500m,Pole Vault, Men's Triple Jump and Walk.
Athletes may only compete in one of the two Open distance races-800 or 1500m.

If u12/u13/u14/u16 distance races have low numbers age groups will be combined to provide adequate competition and to also speed up the program.All Hurdles, Middle distance, 200s,3/400s and relays on times if heats, otherwise straight final.

RELAYS: Athletes may jump up one age group for relays ,
U9s may move to U10,
U10s may move up to U12
U12s may move up to U13 relay, but NOT to U14 relay.
U13s may move to U14s.
U14s may also move to U16
U16s may move up to Open

Athletes must wear club singlets & suitable footwear.
Only designated County &Club Officials allowed on the track-Strictly no parents!
Medals-U9-U16-Presented on Day-No Medals Open

Athletes are advised to dress warm as even though it is indoors it can be quite cold especially in December.My tip is fill a hot water bottle and put in a towel in your bag along with some spare clothes.Change into warm clothes during the day when necessary.
Please bring a packed lunch for the day also.

Shane :)

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