23 April 2016

For the heck of it.. - Norma's story

St.Brendan’s AC members share their personal stories and different experiences of getting fit and embracing new challenges in recent years.

For the heck of it – Norma's story

For the heck of it............  I always fancied myself as a bit of a panther but sadly I was not bestowed with typical runner qualities.
Endurance - only just enough to get me over a short finish line and it helps if there is ice-cream at the end.
Flexibility - I am cardboard stiff, although circuits has helped a lot.
Speed - Oh my god, do you want to finish me off.....

The lyrics to Bing Crosby's song 'Don't fence me in' aptly describes how I feel 'Let me be by myself in the evening' breeze and listen to the murmur of the cottonwood trees.  Running offered me exactly that, time for me to clear my head with fresh air and take in all of nature's glories.

After having two boys over a short timeframe I needed an interest to feel balanced and get the blood pumping.  So most days I went off round a ring near me with two little boys in a buggy.  I pushed myself with markers run a short while and then walk and before I knew it I could complete 5k without stopping. 

So off I went searching and online I stumbled across St. Brendan's Athletic Club Fit4Life.  The dark evenings were fast approaching and I liked the idea of running in a group around town.  That was November 2014 when I joined and I have never looked back since. 

Running in a group was completely new to me.  I was and still am in awe of members in the club completing marathons and other endurance races.  When I joined first I thought I would never have it in me to run a 10k race. 

I looked forward to meeting every Monday and Thursday nights (winter time) and loved my chats and rants with the other members.  I also go to the strength and conditioning class in Ardfert Community Centre on a Tuesday night and I find it fabulous.  I was such a novice I did not even know what a burpee was!  If disciplined one could do some of the stretching exercises at home, needless to say I don't so at least on Tuesday night that time is allocated.  I also meet up with other members who do not run in town with fit for life. 

The Good Friday run in Killarney was a first for me, I got such a buzz when I completed it.  I did the Banna 5K, Killarney womens mini marathon and the Cork womens mini marathon also.  In January I completed the Kerins O'Rahilly 10K.
Over the summer I discovered so many lovely placed in Kerry with St. Brendan's, many places are on my doorstep and I can add them to a list of family days outs in the future.

I don't categorise myself as a serious runner and for me running = enjoyment.  It makes me feel happy and the best that I can be.  Running doesn't solve problems but it makes me handle them better and I love the clarity of mind that it brings.

So my advice to anyone out there who is reading this is if you are able bodied and have access to a good pair of running shoes come and meet up and run with us, 
I promise, you won't regret it.................

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