14 April 2016

Connemara Marathon 2016 by Cathy & Margaret

Cathy Quilter, Full Marathon (Marathon no.19 in 2016)

So the morning of Connemarathon, not a breeze or rain outside, there I 
was thinking I will run without my Base Layer. A different story when I arrived to the start line, Base Layer left on and still not enough clothes to feel warm. With a few miles in, the heavens opened up. Month of April and hailstones belting down at my poor thighs which I could not feel any more with the cold. My plan was to run the first half fast with stopping for tea half way. 

I did inform Artur but he ran away at half way I saw a woman collapse in front of me, I have ran many marathons and never saw that, it was scary, that's when I said I'm just gonna take my ease and finish easy. Hearing the sirens of ambulances on duty all day took the thought of the hills away. It was the worst marathon weather wise I have experienced, which was a pity as the scenery was amazing. I was so glad of that finish line and even happier when I got my McDonald's in me. Definitely an experience not to forget.

Margaret Carlin, Full Marathon (3:46) (8th female overall & 1st in age category):
Connemara Marathon was not an easy run. The Hills alone are challenging and add  Gale-force winds, rain and hailstones so, yes I think I earned my medal in such Baltic conditions.
Fingers and toes were numb and I sure was glad to see the finish line.

Full results HERE

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