09 August 2014

Tralee 100K Ultra 2014

The Inaugural Tralee 100K Ultra took place on Saturday, 3rd August 2014.
First ultra in Kerry at this distance attracted 42 runners and one wheel chair athlete, well known all over Ireland - Jerry Forde. 

Starting in Tralee Wetlands, the runners made their way to Ardfert, Ballyheigue, Causeway, Kerryhead, Ballyheigue again, Banna (running 5K of the famous by now "Banna 10K"!), Barrow (Including Barrow Hill), Churchill, Fenit (switchback at the pier), Tralee, Blennerville and finish outside Brandon Hotel in Tralee.

At the first 10K in Ardfert it was the very experienced Irish International ultra runner John O'Regan (Energia 24hrs winner in 2011) and Tom Foley from Tralee who set the early pace with Brian Redmond from Castlemaine (winner of Brandon Mountain Marathon in 2013)  and Dublin based, Polish runner Jacek Latala (second place finish in Portumna 100K in 2011) folllowing a couple of  minutes later with the rest of the field spread out, trying to preserve energy for hours of running/walking ahead.

St.Brendan's AC's only entrant to this run was Tom Scanlon from Causeway. Tom set a very even pace from the start and kept this up for all the race. He got  big cheers coming through Ardfert and Causeway.

At the 40K mark around Kerryhead the lead was still held by John O'Regan with Brian Redmond and Jacek Latala in pursuit but Tom Foley opted for a more sustainable pace. Just a few places behind leader and keeping good pace were the leading 2 women Jayne Angilley and Amy Masner with Gillian Cordner not too far behind, surely feeling the effort she put in just 2 weeks ago in Energia 24Hrs race in Belfast.

Around 70K mark just before Barrow the race had a change of leader, with Jacek Latala building up over 15min lead over John & Brian. His lead was reduced when Jacek had an unscheduled (over 1.5K) detour around Barrow Golf course as there was no signed turn around point for runners at that time. From that point his advantage grew by each kilometre with John O'Reagan's (2014 AAI National Champion (joint) in Energia 24hrs) exploits in Belfast leaving him short of fresh legs for this event. It was just 2 weeks previously when he covered 227.2K in the 24hrs race.
Brian Redmond also had disruption in his training due to an injury a couple months ago and it would be playing catch up for the rest of the day, trying to stay close to John O'Regan.
Tom Scanlon's tactics of maintaining a constant pace played dividends and he was on target to finish well under the15hrs cut off time and start passing some runners.

From around 90K mark, Jacek Latala increased his pace to run 4:55min/km for the last 10K to build a huge time advantage of over half an hour over the next runner. His relentless pace over the whole distance proved to be the decisive factor and even warm conditions on the day didn't hamper his race and preparation for SPARTATHLON  (ultra race from Athens to Sparta - 246km, at the end of September).
After 8hrs and 40min first Tralee 100K Ultra Marathon had its first winner - Jacek Latala.
Second person over the finish line was John O'Regan and just 2min behind Brian Redmond.
Forth person overall was also the first female - Jayne Angilley in 9hrs 46min, with Amy Masner finishing just under 10hrs in second position and Gillian Cordner completing the top 3.

Tom Scanlon had a strong second half of this race, moving up in overall standing and finishing in 28th position in a time of 14:13:30. Congratulations to Tom on this achievement and in the process, setting up a brand new St.Brendan's AC record for 100K distance.

This was a great event to have in Tralee and North Kerry and should attract a few more entrants in years to come. Standard set by the winner will be difficult to break but also is worth to mention the fact that all participants except one finished this event within the  time limit. 
Well done to runners and their crews for putting long day of work and organisers and volunteers for giving time to help with smooth running of this event. 

Position Name Time Gender Gender (Pos)
1 Jacek Latala 8h 40m 43s Male 1
2 John O Regan 9h 20m 39s Male 2
3 Brian Redmond 9h 22m 39s Male 3
4 Jayne Angilley 9h 46m 28s Female 1
5 Ed McGroat 9h 57m 43s Male 4
6 Amy Masner 9hr 59m 36s Female 2
7 Gillian Cordner 11h 05m 48s Female 3
8 Don Hillard 11h 9m 16s Male 5
9 Gary Connolly 11h 14m 00 Male 6
10 Nick Liddane 11h 23m 17s Male 7
11 Tim Crowley 11h 23m 32s Male 8
12 Tom Shanahan 11h 23m 58s Male 9
13 Marie Chapman 11h 30m 57s Female 4
14 Noel Guilfoyle 11h 48m 00 Male 10
15 Gavin Dillion 11h 54m 00 Male 11
16 Terence O Connor 11h 58m 48s Male 12
17 Pat Quinn 12h 28m 15s Male 13
18 Aidan Swords 12h 49m 00 Male 14
19 Noel Roche 13h 5m 47s Male 15
20 Marylin O Shea 13h 9m 37s Female 5
21 Elma McGelligot 13h 18m 45s Female 6
22 Martina Crean 13h 18m 46s Female 7
23 William Brick 13h 25m 39s Male 16
24 Noreen McCarthy 13h 33m 02s Female 8
25 Tom Foley 13h 46m 06s Male 17
26 Derek Mackessy 13h 58m 25s Male 18
27 JJ O Connell 14h 12m 27s Male 19
28 Tom Scanlon 14h 13m 30s Male 20
29 Brian O Se 14h 16m 01s Male 21
30 Hazel Wharton 14h 17m 38s Female 9
31 Catriona O Sullivan 14h 20m 12s Female 10
32 Jim McNeice 14h 25m 10s Male 22
33 Patricia Hannon 14h 25m 11s Female 11
34 Ted Moynihan 14h 32m 05s Male 23
35 Tom O Sullivan 14h 32m 17s Male 24
36 Martin Lilley 14h 34m 43s Male 25
37 David Quirke 14h 41m 11s Male 26
38 Gretta Quirke 14h 41m 12s Female 12
39 Conor Cusack 14h 47m 15s Male 27
40 Andrew Holder 14h 51m 01s Male 28
41 Randall Wharton 14h 59m 52s Male 29
42 Ann O Shea  14h 59m 55s Female 13
43 Gerry Forde 15h 23m 21s Male 43
DNF Alan Murphy Male

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